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Meet Your Editor, Precious Metals & Real Estate Investor John Wilson


John Wilson, Professional Investor

"If you're not holding at least 10% of your wealth in precious metals you're making a grave error."

John Wilson has been a full-time professional investor since 2003. His main interests were initially in real estate but after the banking crisis of 2008, he realised that having all his "eggs in one basket" was not sensible.

John has since increased his holdings in physical gold and silver and become passionate about encouraging others to do the same.

"Why Invest in Gold?"

When explaining to friends what I do at a party recently, I was shocked at their sheer lack of understanding of the benefits of investing in gold and precious metals. It's not their fault though... we are conditioned from birth by the education system and mainstream media to trust in our -- intrinsically worthless -- paper currencies.

It is my hope that this website will serve as a resource to show how wrong this idea is and show people the importance -- even urgency -- of investing in gold. 

paper currencies fail

Perhaps the number one reason why investing in gold (whether via an IRA or not) is a good idea is that paper currencies fail. They always fail. In fact the average life expectancy of a fiat currency is just 27 years.

Even "really successful" currencies like the US Dollar or Pound Sterling that haven't failed yet, have (and continue to) severely depreciated in value since their creation. For example, since its creation in 1694, when it was valued at 12 ounces of silver, the British Pound has lost 95.5% of its value. The US dollar tells a similar story.

There's a very good reason why gold and silver are mentioned by name in the US Constitution, by the Founding Fathers.

A big reason why the US broke away from British Crown in the American Revolution was that they wanted nothing to do with England's central banking system.

central banking does not work

Central banks are those which normally control a country's interest rates, issues its currency and controls its money supply. In contrast to commercial banks, central banks have a monopoly on printing the nation's currency.

Central banking never works because when you put the control of a country's currency into the hands of a private institution, with private owners, there is nothing stopping them from printing money recklessly and using their position to further their own agenda.​

Thomas Jefferson private banks quote

As I say, throwing off the chains of the English Central Banking System was a big motivator for the revolution of the 1770's...

Between then and 1913, the Banksters did get their way with a few prototypical American Central banks.

President Andrew Jackson however, demonstrated the best example of what a success the country could be without a Central Bank... In 1835, he helped the US become debt-free and even racked up a $440,000 surplus(!)

So, when congress attempted to re-introduce Central Banking in the early 1900's, what happened?

The American people ​were having none of it, of course!

The crafty bankers wouldn't take no for an answer though and simply duped the American public by giving it a different name: "the ​Federal Reserve". The world's most powerful bankers -- JP Morgan and others -- also made sure that it was approved by engineering a public panic. They (falsely) proclaimed that major banks would soon be bankrupt and urged US citizens to withdraw their deposits.

Their prediction became a self-fulfilling prophecy when the bank-run which ensued actually did cause many smaller banks to collapse.

The Federal Reserve: Madness and Scandal.

After the bankers had "proven their point" -- albeit by deceit -- the Federal Reserve act sailed through congress ​because they sold it as being a means of preventing future bank runs.

So, the Federal Reserve is ​not Federal. Neither is it a reserve for that matter... Its precious metal reserves are suspected to have been pilfered or sold off quite some time ago, which in part explains why the Fed resists calls for public audit to this day.

The sheer madness and scandal of a privately owned bank printing money out of thin air which it then loans to the US government with interest is lost on ​all but very, very few Americans.

James Garfield money gold quote

Up until 1971, all US currency printed was required to be backed up by an equivalent value of gold. But after that date, that all changed when President Nixon led the country away from the gold standard.

So, ever since 1971, the US dollar has been backed by nothing but thin air. And the national debt began the meteoric rise to its current dizzying heights.

national debt

Countries and central banks are now -- for the very first time in over 30 years -- BUYING GOLD.

countries are buying gold

India and China are buying gold like there's no tomorrow. Between them, they hoovered up 52% of the world's gold supply in 2010. This purchasing spree dipped slightly in 2015 but both countries continue to stockpile the precious metal.

china and india buying gold

In fact, a cable leaked recently by the infamous WikiLeaks website revealed the real reason behind China's voracious demand... In simple terms, they are purchasing gold for the purpose of weakening the dollar!

Wikileaks gold quote

So, in conclusion...

  • You cannot rely on a 9 to 5
  • You cannot rely on a 401k
  • You cannot rely on real estate
  • You cannot rely on the stock market
  • You cannot rely on a savings account
  • You cannot rely on social security
  • You cannot rely on your government
  • You can't even rely on the dollars in your wallet...

But, in our humble opinion, you can rely on gold.

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