Where Can I Buy Gold? ☛ Be Sure to Read This First

Where Can I Buy Gold Your Question Answered

Are you asking yourself “Where Can I Buy Gold?”. Or rather, asking Google?

You might have seen and heard about gold since you were younger, and now that you have the means to purchase it, you would like to make it possible.

You have to remember, however, that purchasing gold bars is not as easy as how it is made out to be on television. When you watch shows, you might see people purchasing and storing gold bars like there is no tomorrow, but there are different aspects about gold bars that you have to give special attention to.

If you would like to purchase gold in any physical form, you have to make sure that you know about the different sizes of gold bars that are available, where you are going to purchase gold bars, and, lastly, how easy it will be to liquidate the gold bars that you purchase in case you want to get money for them in the future. If you are wondering to yourself, “Where can I buy gold?” all of these details and more will be discussed further within the article.

Various Sizes of Gold Bars

If you have never done any research about gold bars before, you might not be aware that there are different sizes of gold bars that are available. Gold also comes in many different forms, such as coins, rounds, and biscuits. Some gold is not even sold in bar form but is available per ounce or gram.

Gold in any form is still gold, and it is still worth money no matter what, but if you want physical gold, you need to think about the best form for you in terms of storage. Do remember that, before you assume that bigger gold bars are more expensive, price-wise they are obviously more expensive because there is more gold present in that gold bar than in smaller ones.

You also have to remember that it does not take as much effort to produce a large gold bar compared to a 1-ounce gold bar, so the markup above the spot price will not be as high, which saves you money. One good analogy for this is bulk-buying grocery items.

Here are some of the most common bar sizes that investors buy:

  • Kilo Gold Bar – This is usually the biggest gold bar you can get, and although there are some people who can purchase them, you might not be able to afford one of these right away. They cost tens of thousands of dollars at the current market rate, and unless you have a lot of cash to spend, they might not be the best choice for an introductory investor.
  • 10 oz Gold Bar – This is the type of gold bar that investors like to get because they are not as expensive as kilo gold bars. However, you may have a harder time liquidating these because of their uncommon size, which may mean that this is not a good investment for people who would like to liquidate after a short time period.
  • 1 oz Gold Bar – This is the type of gold bar that is very small. People usually purchase these when they decide to test the waters in gold investments. But do not be fooled by the small size, these are still expensive (and valuable) considering that the amount of gold that they have is not as much as the bigger gold bars available.

Liquidating Gold Bars

If you have only purchased gold bars because you would like to keep your money intact and the time has come for you to liquidate the metal you purchased months or years earlier, do you think you will be able to do that easily? You have to remember that the form of the gold will determine how easy it will be for you to liquidate it.

Also, if you have purchased your gold bar from a highly trusted seller, preferably a seller or a company that is well known all over the world, such as Regal Assets, you can be sure that there are always some buyers who will be willing to get it from you. Larger bars can be more difficult to sell simply because they cost more. Coins are usually the easiest items to sell.regal-jackson

Gold from trusted sellers includes certifications and manufacturing numbers that prove its authenticity. If you have acquired your gold bar in a shrewd manner or you have purchased it from sellers that are not well known, people who are purchasing might think that you are trying to scam them, especially if you do not have a certificate of assay. This means that liquidating the gold bars is easier said than done.

It goes to show that when you purchase gold, you have to pay attention to the seller and also make sure that you have all the proper paperwork, including receipts. If you purchase a counterfeit gold bar, this can be hard for your pocket because this means that your investment money has gone to waste.

Where Can I Buy Gold, Already?

When you check out the Internet, you will be greeted by so many companies and individual sellers who all claim to be selling gold bars. Some of the gold bars that are being sold seem to be much lower priced than others, but this does not necessarily mean that you should purchase from them. You might receive counterfeit gold bars in the process that contain little to no gold. Some of the trusted places where you can buy gold include the following:

  • Online Shopping Sites – Online shopping sites like eBay or Amazon might sometimes have some sellers of gold bars. Just remember that some of these sellers may be fraudulent, so check out their reviews and paperwork first just to be sure. You should not be scared to use these sites simply because there are some counterfeit items floating around there. Be smart. If anything at all indicates you might be scammed, avoid the sale. These sites are probably not the first place you will want to look.
  • Coin Shops – You may not have realized this, but there are plenty of local coin shops that you may have in your area that are selling gold bars and coins, too. Make sure that you choose reputable coin shops by asking for recommendations from friends or local investors.
  • Online Gold Retail Outlets – Specialized precious metals websites can get you the gold that you are looking for. Regal Assets is one such online gold retailer, and it’s actually much easier to purchase your items from this company’s selection online than it can be to walk into a storefront. Regal Assets has account executives whose primary purpose is to assist you in making the right investment for your needs, and you don’t get this kind of personalized knowledge and service from someone who has been working at a coin shop for a month (who knows less about investing than he does about coins). Another great thing about gold retail outlets like Regal Assets and other online gold investment companies is that they have a lot of choices, and they are 100 percent trustworthy. This means that you will be able to purchase the type of gold that you like with all the documentation you require. Just remember that the price may be a bit higher.

If you are wondering how you are going to pay for your gold, there are different options that will be given to you. For local coin shops that have physical stores, you may be able to pay them in cash or check. There are even some that accept credit cards, although this is relatively uncommon in some areas. For online shopping sites and gold retail outlets, you can also pay for the gold bars through online banking. Keep these facts in mind to prepare yourself for purchasing and keep yourself safe.

I hope that this post has helped answer your question: “Where can I buy gold?”.

What Next?

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