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Regal Assets is ranked no. 1 best gold IRA company in our 2023 list of precious metals IRA and investment companies. This was based on its AAA and 5 Star ratings from the BCA and TrustLink respectively. Also upon its virtually non-existent complaints record, its 1,000+ positive reviews and its reasonable fees and excellent customer service record. You can visit their website to discover more.

Welcome to our definitive Regal Assets review, where we'll reveal just why this company is our number one pick for gold IRA provider in 2023.

If you are searching for the most trustworthy and best gold IRA company, then Regal Assets is always high on investor's lists of providers to check out.

Regal Assets is one of the most highly (if not the highest) commended Gold IRA rollover investment companies in operation. Their products are approved by the Internal Revenue Service and their company is trusted by the United State Treasury to distribute American Mint coins.

These are all very prestigious reasons as to why Regal Assets is the top Gold IRA company you can find but keep reading to discover more.

Regal Assets Reviews and Ratings

BCA Rating:

TrustLink Rating:

AAA (0 complaints, more info)

(Based on 1,000+ reviews, 0 complaints, more info)

Their reputation has even earned them the support and business of many prominent figures and celebrities.

Read on to discover the one crucial thing that RA provides as a gold and silver IRA custodian, that many others don't. (To our knowledge, this is the only Regal Assets review to pick up on this.)

What Makes Regal Assets Stand Out As The Best Gold IRA company?

One of the key features of Regal Assets that make them stand out significantly from other Gold IRA investment companies and sites is that it allows you to begin the whole process online. You can easily begin to setup your own Gold IRA with their secure online service. The process is painless and straight forward and can be done in three simple steps:

  1. You first just fill out the secure Gold IRA form online
  2. From there a Regal Assets Specialist will contact you promptly to help you finalize the setup
  3. Then all you are left to do is choose the metals you wish to invest in and fund your account.
silver IRA custodian

Forbes mag included in your kit

It is an incredibly easy process that actually cuts out a lot of wasted time.

Another key feature is the Gold IRA FREE Start Up Kit. This generous, info-packed kit has been featured in Forbes Magazine and can certainly help you make the best decision as to why you should be converting your money to secure precious metal funds.

For a limited time they also include a free copy of the Forbes and Smart Money magazine it was featured in as well as a truly eye-opening DVD documentary that reveals a number of hidden secrets that relate to the Federal Reserve you will want to learn about.

This DVD "The End Of The Road" has also won a variety of awards and will give you a new insight on just how important it is to be investing your money in a either precious metals or a Gold IRA. Aside from these extra bonuses, the Regal Gold IRA Kit will supply you with all the information you need to make a smart investment with Regal Assets. You can view the documentary trailer below.

Regal Assets also offer a guarantee of a 7 day delivery or they will give you a FREE Silver American Eagle. This not only promises a faster delivery time on your order that no other precious metal company offers but also backs up its offer with a guarantee and compensation if Regal Assets fails to hold up its promise.

Do Regal Assets Offer Overseas Storage?

Regal Assets is also one of the few companies that offers overseas storage for their gold or silver. They have storage facilities available in Singapore.

best gold ira company

Regal Assets is one of the few to offer offshore storage

Let's not gloss over this though -- overseas storage may be a bigger benefit than you thought. Precious metals stored overseas are non-reportable assets in the United States. In other words, you don't have to tell the government that you own the gold or are storing it.

Having legally non-reportable assets is a way of regaining some privacy from the people that are hellbent on destroying your wealth.

Speaking personally, this one factor alone would be enough to clinch the deal with Regal Assets. As I've said on this site more than once, you cannot afford to overlook the safety of your investments, especially with a government hellbent on taking them away from you.

Do note however that offshore storage is not possible for IRAs. This is because the IRS requires metals​ in IRAs to be stored at an accredited depository. If it were stored anywhere else, it would be taxed.

Is it Quick?

Upon receiving your signed paperwork Regal Assets will have a new IRA account setup for you within 24 business hours. Their team of retirement account specialists will keep you in the loop every step of the way so you know exactly where they are in the process.

Stupid-Simple Website

The RA site is dedicated to providing you with essential and valid information that will leave you more confident with choosing to entrust your money into a gold or silver investment. Each page not only walks you through all the options you have when choosing where to invest your money, it breaks all the information down so even individuals who are new to investing can easily follow and understand all the benefits.

Regal Assets Reviews, Ratings And Complaints

No Regal Assets review would be complete without assessing ratings by regulatory bodies. You will be reassured to know that the company upholds some of the highest ratings in many areas.

Screenshot of Regal Assets TrustLink Page

Regal Assets Complaints

The BCA also gave out the highest rating possible to Regal Assets of a AAA rating.

On most of the notable review sites Regal Assets also receives positive feedback all round.

On TrustLink, Regal Assets received a 5 out of 5 star rating. They received this 5 star rating based on the fact that they have had well over 1,000 positive feedbacks given on the company.

best silver ira

Awarded prestigious Inc. 500 ranking

When compared to the over 60 other Gold IRA companies available, Regal Assets has by far the best profile when it comes to ratings. Which is saying a lot when you take into consideration how much competition there is in the precious metal industry.

The company also ranks in at number twenty on the prestigious Inc. 500 list.

The company has also been featured in a number of the top financial papers from Smart Money to Market Watch.

Regal Assets Scam / Scandal

If you arrived at this post having typed "Regal Assets scam" or "Regal Assets scandal" then I'd like to congratulate you... You clearly have your head screwed on and are not willing to jump into any old deal without checking out a Regal Assets review first, to see if the company is legit.

As I hope you'll see from the ratings summarised above, the company are beyond reproach and there is no such Regal Assets scam or scandal to report.

Regal Assets Review: Final Thoughts

Regal Assets not only pride themselves on delivering some of the best customer service it is evident that they back up this practice through the positive Regal Assets reviews that literally thousands of customer have left. Some of the wealthiest individual have even chosen to invest with Regal Assets, which only adds to their list of credentials.

Regal Assets is an all around immaculate company to invest with. They walk new customers through the process of setting up IRAs as well as the importance of taking stock in gold and silver metals. They not only work with you to make the best choices in how to invest you money in precious metals, they educate you so you fully understand all the benefits of choosing this type of investment.

As one of the only companies to receive such high rankings from the BCA as well as receiving five star Regal Assets reviews from the top customer review sites, Regal Assets has definitely proven it is one of the most trustworthy, experienced and top rated GOLD IRA companies you can choose.

When considered together, in our opinion, all of these factors make Regal Assets the best gold IRA company out there. We think they offer the best silver IRA for that matter too. Oh, did I mention they do palladium and platinum IRAs too?

Still on the fence? Just take a look at their Gold IRA Investment kit, which again is completely free and will definitely prove that putting your wealth in gold or silver is one of the smartest decision you can make and why you should choose Regal Assets as the investment company to work with.

What next?

Thanks for reading our Regal Assets review; it is my hope that it has helped in your search for the best gold IRA or silver IRA custodian and you're now able to decide whether now is the right time for you to go ahead and put your trust in this company.

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