Provident Metals Review ☛ A Worrying Pattern of Complaints?

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Provident Metals is ranked no. 10 in our Top 10 2021 list of precious metals IRA and investment companies. In this Provident Metals review, we've compiled all the reviews, ratings, and assessments from various authoritative sources like the Better Business Bureau, Business Consumer Alliance and TrustLink.

In this Provident Metals review, we uncover what is something of a concern with the company's track record.

Once you have looked into buying gold and decided that this is a choice that you want to invest in, you will next need to pick a company to buy gold from. There are so many different companies out there that promise to be the best choice for buying gold that it can be a bit overwhelming to pick one of these many options.

Much like in any other industry, some players are more trustworthy than others. It is important to do your research before deciding who to do business with, so that you end up with a reputable one. In this review, we will discover whether Provident Metals is one of these companies.

Provident Metals Reviews and Ratings

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A+ (33 complaints in last 3 years, BBB alertmore info)

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Provident Metals: Review of Key Features

Provident Metals claim to be a leader in the industry when it comes to international buying of both domestic and international bullion, numismatic coins, currency, and any other investment and IRA grade metals. They also claim to be a company that puts a big emphasis on customer service.

Sterling Customer Service?

They are also open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so this is certainly a good sign where service is concerned. The question is, do they deliver on all their promises?

This is a company that says that they really want to make the customer happy. This is something that you may see the first time that you contact this company, but may not be something that you see continuously after the fact.

Provident Metals website screenshot

Provident Metals website screenshot

Impressive Attention to Detail?

Admittedly, PM's attention to detail is notable. When you get a package from the company, you will see the care that they put into packing your gold so that you know it has been protected while on the way to you.

Each and every coin, for instance, will come individually wrapped and this gives a bit of reassurance for their customers.

Competitive Prices to Boot?

Another positive about Provident Metals is that they have highly competitive prices. Most people have to work with a budget and having a product that you can afford is really one of the most important things.

Provident Metals also regularly updates their stock so things are not out of stock for long. This means that you can get a bigger and more reliable selection of products that you can choose from.

OK, So What's the Catch?

provident metals review

Provident Metals complaints cause concern

When it comes to downsides, the one issue seems to involve shipping. The shipping can often be quite a slow process, maybe taking 2 or 3 weeks to get the items just to ship let alone the time it takes to actually get delivered to your house. If this was something that you could get over, then maybe they'd be worth checking out if it weren't for the other problems.

Another downside that can be found at this company is that it takes a long time for payment confirmation, though the money is taken out of the bank right away. Customers may get annoyed by this, especially if they are people that like to keep accurate and up-to-date records.

Delivery Problems?

Provident Metals boasts that they are the industry leader in the area of buying gold. Whether or not this is an accurate statement is really up to the customers that purchase from this company to determine.

As great as they claim their customer service is, they have shown a weakness when it comes to problems with orders and contacting customers back in order to ensure that they are satisfied with the services that they have received.

Provident Metals offers very competitive prices for their goods, which is perfect for people who are on a budget that still want to invest in gold. However, there seems to be quite a few issues with this company that may be enough to make you wary about trusting them with your money. They do not seem to be willing to resolve these issues, which is something you really should consider.

Provident Metals Reviews, Ratings And Awards

The company is not listed on either of the BCA nor TrustLink but their entry on BBB causes some concern.

BBB alert

Concern: BBB Alert for Provident Metals

There is an "alert" on the BBB website stating that some customers have had payments get charged without them actually receiving their gold that they buy. This is borne out by the 30+ complaints that have been recorded on the site.

This is a definite red flag for gold buyers that are looking for a reputable company.

Despite this -- and somewhat puzzlingly in light of the above -- the BBB awards the company an A+ rating.

Provident Metals Review: What Next?

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