Gold IRA Reviews ☛ Top 10 Companies for 2022

In our new Gold IRA Reviews section below, we'll reveal the best gold IRA company for 2022!

Deciding on the best gold IRA custodian to handle your precious metal investment is very important, as the wrong decision can lead to catastrophic consequences.

For people out there that will be coming into the investment market come 2022, exercising caution in choosing the right bullion service company is extra-important. Thorough research needs to be done because some companies have been dubious in their dealings, while others have had a spotlessly clean record.​

Top 10 Rated Gold IRA Companies

We have put together a list to help your decision making easier. We have sourced our reviews from tested and trusted review boards like BCA and TrustLink. So, here are our gold IRA reviews....

The table below shows the ten best gold IRA companies. Click on the "Read Review" buttons to see precious metals IRA reviews​ for each company.







$250 per year


1st year free



Variable *


LEXI Capital

$250 per year



Advantage Gold

$75 per year

$125 over $100k


JM Bullion


0 stars

$75 per year

$125 over $100k


Gold & Silver

$300 per year



Rosland Capital

$225 per year




$360+ per year




$175+ per year






Variable *

* As you need to choose your own custodian with this company, the storage fee will depend on which provider you choose.

Please note that all information is correct at time of publishing, please check with respective companies for current data.

Why Did We Rate Regal Assets as Best Gold IRA Company for 2022?

For us, Regal Assets is the clear winner for best gold IRA company. From the ratings we've shown above, it's clear that Regal Assets has the highest ratings from BCA (AAA) and TrustLink (5 stars).

The hundreds of raving reviews on their own site and TrustLink gives great social proof and confidence that you're picking the right company to work with.

In addition, their annual fees are flat which gives you security against runaway charges.​ Regal Assets also get our vote for best gold IRA custodian because they can take care of this for you under one roof for a low flat fee. Overseas storage is available too.

What Should You Have in Your Precious Metals IRA?

​It is not really advisable to have "paper" Gold and Silver in your IRA. Here are some solid reasons why you want physical Gold and Silver in there:

​Gold is stable during inflation and deflation of hedge funds

​During periods of inflation and deflation in the past, Gold has been positively stable. One other benefit of gold is that in the face of a depreciating dollar, the price of Gold always tends to appreciate.

This is what history has taught us again and again. So while other financial assets are suffering the weight of a declining dollar, Gold actually serves as security. Even when there is a serious policy change of the dollar, Gold is barely affected.

Provides security during unfriendly times in political and social life of America

​Gold has been rightly dubbed a "Crisis commodity". Well this isn't surprising because many people run to it during troubled times like war or economic meltdown.

Unlike Central Banks that pump more money into the economy in times like this, Gold production most times ceases thereby making it somewhat scarce. Little wonder it is a highly sought after commodity.

Laura Ingram Endorses Regal Assets (see video below)
​Supply and demand fundamentals

​It is easy to see gold as a precious metal that represents wealth. However, only few get to see its applications in fields like electronics, medicine, architectural designs and so much more. Unlike those days when there was "Gold rush" every now and then, Gold is genuinely becoming scarce now.

​Offers diversification for your investment

​When compared to stocks and bonds, Gold is a better option in terms of stability. As most investors will tell you, putting all your money in one bank is a bad idea. So you'll do well to mix up your investment portfolio.

Things to check when deciding on the Gold IRA Company to work with​

​So now that you know why it is important to have the right company manage your Gold investment, how then do you know which is the best gold IRA company to work with? Here are pointers to be on the lookout for:

Third Party Ratings​

As a rule of thumb, the more reviews a company receives from its customers and clients, the better. Also, reviews from strong players in the business like BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) and TrustLink are important. For a stronger rating review, go further to read feedback from websites like Yelp. It really reveals the competency of IRA companies.

precious metals ira reviews
​Turnaround time and delivery

There have been cases of companies taking up to 60 days to get a client's account up and running. This is outrageous and will spell a bad omen for any investor, especially in economic times like this.

​Salespople and support

Some companies will send a pushy sales agent who cares about nobody's financial status but their own. All they want is for you to spend your hard earned dollars on collectibles and coins, which are bad investment instruments. When you see such a sales agent, we suggest you take to your heels. When they impatiently answer your questions, it is a clear signal they are just being pushy.

IRA Fees​

When choosing an IRA company, it is best to go for companies whose annual fees are flat, instead of those whose fee increases as the client's account increases. This rule works well for investors in the medium investor category ($50,000 and above). Also for investors with plans of expanding their investment.

​Gold IRA Reviews Conclusion

Now you've seen our 10 top rated gold IRA companies and read our gold IRA reviews, we hope you're better equipped to make a decision as to which is the best gold IRA custodian for you. So we suggest you take out time to make your own investigations and research. Requesting their free kits is always a good way to start.

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