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Which Size Silver Bar Should I Buy?

Partly as a result of the government’s reckless spending and terrible fiscal policies, silver bars are becoming very popular from an investment point of view.

Before you dive in and purchase silver bars, you need to decide which of the many sizes available you should buy. To answer this question, read the following info as it will help you in making the right decision.

“Silver is their Kryptonite. If they lose control of silver, the game’s over! If the price of Silver takes out $18.50, its on its way to $100!”

GATA Chairman, Bill Murphy

Should I Buy Silver Bars or Coins?

There are a few benefits of buying silver bars over silver coins. These advantages are given below.

  • As they have a uniform and flat size, they are easy to handle, stack and store.

  • Due to their compact size, investors can invest in a huge amount of silver as it will consume a small storage space.

  • An identifiable hallmark is clearly stamped on each bar, as such, it is very easy to convert bars to cash. So these silver bars are very liquid.

  • Numismatic or collectible coins will often carry a markup and because of this, aren’t really suitable for investment purposes.

What Sizes of Silver Bullion Bars Are There?

Different sized bullion bars are available ranging from a one-ounce silver bar to 1000 ounces. Advantages and disadvantages of individual silver bar sizes are discussed below in detail.

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  • Gram silver bars or Fractional size silver bars

  • 1 oz silver bars

  • 10 oz silver bars

  • 100 oz silver bars

  • 850 oz silver bars

  • 1000 oz silver bars.

What are Gram silver bars / Fractional Size Silver Bars?

This is the smallest size of silver bar that can be bought. In a one troy ounce bar, there are 31.1 grams of silver. When you compare one gram silver and dime, a dime is just a bit bigger than one gram. To determine the value, you need to divide the current silver spot by 31.1.

  • Ideal size to give as a gift on special occasions.

  • Ideal size for a person who has a low budget. It can help them diversify into precious metals.

  • It doesn’t take much space and even a large quantity can be stored in a small place.

  • Among all silver bar sizes, it has highest premiums.

  • These are mostly bought as collector’s items and can be difficult to locate.

  • These are not recognized widely, so can be difficult to sell.

  • Its value is difficult to calculate as compared to larger silver bars.

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1 oz Silver Bars

1 oz silver bars contain 1 troy ounce of silver and are known as “ingots”. These are 99.9% pure.

  • These have great liquidity and are very portable

  • Minimum storage space required because of small size

  • These are produced by many renowned manufacturers

  • It is affordable for small investors.

  • Have a higher premium as compared to larger sized silver bars

  • Not practical for those buyers who want to buy in a bigger quantity.

10 oz Silver Bars

These are one of the most commonly purchased sizes in the market. It is 0.999% fine silver and contains 10 troy ounces of fine silver.

  • This is an IRA-acceptable investment

  • There are fewer chances of getting a fake bar as compared to large size silver available

  • These are very economical, dependable and suitable way to invest in silver

  • These are tradable, always in demand and very liquid.

  • Impractical for very small investors.

  • Due to the small size, it may not be preferred by investors who are interested in large investments.

  • As they are indivisible, they are not preferable for bartering purposes.

100 oz Silver Bars

These are bought mainly for investment purposes.

  • Recognized as trading vehicle worldwide

  • It has the highest liquidity among all silver bars

  • It is relatively portable

  • Has a uniform shape which makes it convenient to stack and stock.

  • Have low markup.

  • Need large storage space due to their larger size

  • Small investors may consider its price too high

  • Not as portable as smaller sized bars.

850 oz Silver Bars

The weight of this silver bar may not be exactly 850 ounces but can range from 800 to 900 oz. 850 ounces is the average weight. A bar may contain .9995 silver or higher.

  • Smallest markup

  • It has high purity level of .9995+

  • They weigh less than 70 pounds and these can be transferred using a flat rate box via USPS

  • Unique serial number, production year and hallmark are stamped on these.

  • The weight of these bars is 58 pounds that is quite a lot as compared to 100-ounce bar that weighs about 6.86 pounds.

  • For an average person, these are difficult to handle due to their heavier weight.

1000 oz Silver Bars

buy 1000 oz silver bars

All of these bars are stamped with hallmark, serial number, and their weight. The weight of these bars may not be exactly 1000 ounce. They may range between 960 to 1030.

  • These are often priced at the spot, no premium, and lowest markup

  • Ideal to be stored in precious metal depositories

  • Suitable for Individual retirement account (IRA)

  • Perfect for those investors who want to purchase silver in large quantities.

  • Storage is not easy

  • It is not for those investors who are interested in taking delivery of their precious metal

  • A specialized facility may be required for storage of these precious metals

  • When need to sell these silver bars, an assay may be required

  • It cannot be liquidated easily

  • The actual amount of silver is difficult to be calculated as bars may vary in weight.

Odd Size Silver Bars

Odd size bars including 5 ounces, 20 ounces, 50 ounces, 25 ounces and kilo size (32.15 ounces) were popular they were first introduced during 1970’s. These were considered ideal as a hedge against inflation.

Today these are available in the secondary market and used by sellers when silver prices rise and they want to liquidate their holdings. 10 ounces and 100 ounces of silver bars are more popular these days than these odd ounces silver bars.

  • Unique hallmark is carried by some of these bars

  • The 50 oz and 25 oz bars may sell at the similar price as the 100 oz silver bar

  • 5-ounce bar may sell at the similar price as the 10 ounces size

  • Perfect for those people who like to collect hard to find and unique items to add to their collections.

  • Not so popular

  • Not as liquid as 10 oz or 100 oz size bars.

  • Cannot be obtained easily.

  • Mostly these are purchased by collectors as opposed to being collected for investment purposes.

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Silver Bars For Sale: Conclusion

All the sizes of silver bars are discussed above along with their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, every investor will select a different size bar according to their purchasing power.

The capital that you have, your investment objectives and your decision to invest in precious metals are few of the important factors that can help you in determining the perfect bar size.

  • Smaller investors and those who have less storage space can go for one-ounce bars.

  • Individuals and collectors who want to buy it as a gift can purchase the gram size silver bars.

  • 10-ounce bars are perfect for those who would use dollar cost method and they want to build wealth. Due to their uniform size, these are easy to store and those who would like to take possession of their precious metal can also use them.

  • Experienced investors with long term goals and more capital for investment can go with 100 ounce silver bars. These are also ideal for those who wish to diversify their IRA with precious metals and away from risky paper investments.

  • Collectors can purchase odd size or gram bars as they may find them unique and hard to find silver items.

Hopefully this article will have helped you to choose a silver bar that will suit your needs and objectives. Just be sure that you buy from the right company. Choose one that has great testimonials and ratings with an absolute minimum of complaints against them. Again, our recommended dealer has a variety of silver bars for sale.

Alternatively, you can go ahead and check out our top 10 best silver investing companies or see if you qualify for your free silver investing kit.

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