How to Buy Silver ☛

How to Buy Silver An Investor's Guide

Wondering how to buy silver in 2021? Hold tight, all will be revealed below... In this article we'll remind ourselves why silver is a great investment and then we'll reveal the best way to buy silver in 2021.

Why Should I Buy Silver?

Why do you want to buy silver?

  • Is it because you know that the value of your paper money is getting eaten away by inflation?
  • Is it because you sense that another economic crisis could be on the cards soon?
  • Or is it because you want to take advantage of the fantastic returns that investing in silver has given investors over recent decades?

People’s reasons for wanting to purchase silver may vary, but the fact still remains that it is one common precious metal that helps you diversify your portfolio and hedge your bets against the unknown risks of the future.

Knowing how to buy silver is important because people need to purchase the right type for their needs. If you are planning to purchase silver now but you do not know much about this industry or how to go about buying it in its different forms, here is a guide that can give you the help that you need.

How Do I Avoid Silver Scams?

It is a sad fact on the Internet right now that you can find so many “legitimate companies” that are claiming to sell the best type of silver. They make it seem so realistic with the right pictures and claims that just seem too good to be true.

Sadly, scamming is very common in the silver industry. Do remember that some of these so-called “companies” are just being run by individuals and scam artists who are out to get your money. Purchasing silver from trusted dealers is always important, which is why you need to do your research before buying.

There are a few decisions you have to make when you want to buy silver. Make sure that you take the information below into account so that you do not encounter issues with the process when the time comes.

What Kind of Silver Should I Buy?

The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you know what form of silver you would like to purchase.

Do you have an urge to invest in antique silver cutlery and other home items that are made out of pure silver? Or perhaps silver jewellery appeals to you? Or maybe rare coins tickle your fancy?

These things are all very well if you have a particular interest in them but for investment purposes we do not recommend them. 

Why? Because you generally pay a premium for the "rarity" or "design" or "antiqueness" (if that's a word!) of such items and hey presto, you've made a loss before you've even got started!​

No, here at eGoldAdvisor, we recommend investing in silver bullion or silver rounds as the best way to buy silver.

What's the Best Way to Buy Silver?

Yes, the best way to buy silver is definitely by purchasing silver bullion (bars) or rounds. Let's look at the relative benefits of each of these ways of buying silver.

should I buy silver bullion or rounds

Silver bullion: cost effective and easy to store

  1. Silver Bars – The best thing about silver bars is that you will be able to purchase a lot of silver for a lower price, especially when you compare it to the other types that you can purchase. You can be sure that the purchase price will also be lower compared to other types of silver because forming the bars does not take any sort of craftsmanship skills that "junk silver" (silverware and the like) does. Another great thing about silver bars is that they are easy to store.
  2. Silver Rounds – The thing about silver rounds is that they are often thought to be the same thing as silver coins, but the truth is that, while they look similar, they are not produced by the government, and coins definitely are. One good thing about them though is that they cost less than silver coins, so you can purchase more silver rounds than one silver coin for the same price. Silver rounds are a great way to buy silver incrementally if you cannot afford a whole bar. Silver rounds are also good for home storage as they can be used in emergencies; a silver bar cannot be easily split up to use for multiple purchases whereas a roll of rounds can.

What Purity of Silver Should I Buy?

Purchase items that are made out of .999 fine silver. This means that the items are purer and will be worth more in the long run. Silver that is .999 is 99.9 percent pure, while sterling silver, commonly used for jewelry, is only 92.5 percent pure. 


Where Should I Buy Silver?

Choose reputable sellers. If you are just going to purchase from eBay, how sure are you that the items are truly made out of .999 fine silver? You need to choose sellers or websites that are known to offer quality silver for prices that are not outrageous.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the most reputable silver companies and researched them for you. We have gathered third party reviews and ratings from all over the internet so that you have them all in one place.

Where Should I Store my Silver?

Choose sellers that can give you options for storage of your metals too. Offshore storage can give additional benefits that you may not have considered. (At the time of writing, precious metals that are stored offshore are "non-reportable" to the federal government.)

How to Buy Silver: What Next?

Now that you know exactly how to buy silver -- and indeed the best way to buy silver -- you can go ahead and check out our top 10 best silver investing companies or see if you qualify for your free silver investing kit.

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